Curls Gorgeous Potted

Curls Gorgeous Potted
My margaritas keep dying? What am I doing wrong?

Ok for my grandmother bought me a plant bright pink gerbera in a pot, because they are my favorite flowers … it was gorgeous, has 3 large bright flowers. The next day, where as pretty boring and not more. I kept water and let the sunlight has like flowers are destined to have, but not better … then another flower and the bottom half of it was covered by leaves, so you have no sun … The part with The sun had not long petals, was bright and pretty and had the top half was curled up on sun, petals short and boring. So I kept the sun, but it got worse … What am I doing wrong? I just do not understand!

i think you are on the sun watering.more least start seeing leaves.they outbreaks come from do not like being wet.

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