Black Sweat

Black Sweat
Where can I get some black sweatpants with a white line going down the side?

I want the black sweat pants (total length), Whte the band goes to the side. I want to buy in a store and not online. THANKS

One moment, Miss! That is a difficult task! I'm not sure that these mythical white stripes even exist Sweat Pants! I've never seen then in a shop! You may have to design yourself and post a photo because is very difficult to imagine what you mean by "black pants a white line going down the side" … I am not following you on this, and I think I speak for us all when I say that would be more useful to ask where the Cup of Christ is, or Jimmy Hoffa's body! Its just not plausible! Do not waste your time at Target or Walmart, I'm sure they did not have enough for their exacting standards!

Black sweat

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