Edamame Green Soybean

Edamame Green Soybean
When you enter a really groovy salad bar in one of the big hotels in North Delhi or Mumbai … or anywhere …?

… even in cities or small towns in India, what kind of delightful things are you eating? Please tell me in detail … Because we really want to know! But just India …. but ….. er … It might take Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan … and Tibet … but mostly I want to know about India …. and southern India, too …. Well, OK … Bangladesh and Pakistan can respond too! I just want to know what everyone is doing these days! I mean, is too Simla cold to grow lettuce and green soybeans (edamame)? If you really need something, Tell me and I will prayer for you. Thank you ever so much! Peace & Love

* * * * Hear Ye Hear Ye * * * * * Please obtain the salad bar of your mind, while in India. For someone who lives there, your system will be used to bacteria, etc. If you are a newcomer to India does not eat raw food not only hot food hot. I've been there four times in the extended travel, is an attractive place to go. Lots of curry meal with either meat or vegetarian served with rice. People eat with utensils, however, with the hands is the most common. To meet its consumption of raw fiber, buy fruit and take a potato peeler to peel you. Wash your hands frequently and not eating with unwashed hands after handling money. Another caution when in Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim and Tibet. . . do not eat raw vegetables because your system does not have immunity to them. In all these realms of mountain as in some other South Asian countries, fertilized with human waste and untreated animals. In China, even call it "Night Soil" Throughout the region Hepatitis A is common and how do you get. Just enjoy your trip and take my advice.

“edamame”(Green soybeans)

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