Barrel Square Design

Barrel Square Design

Placing a rain barrel under a down pipe is the most people will use to collect and store water from the roof, but how you get the water for your garden? Indeed, a garden hose can be connected to the cube of the rain and is used to convey water to their plants. However, a hose garden can be a nuisance because it can get tangled and constantly getting caught in brush and other yard obstacles. When finished with the hose that needs to be wrapped and save after each use.

A water distribution system of PVC can be an easy alternative to the garden hose method in getting water to their new garden. Channel water through PVC is a much more permanent solution and provides a fixed and steady way to get water where it is needed the most. Since PVC can sit above or below ground, can decide the best approach based on your preferences.

Step 1 – Plan your route – route planners PVC water is not as overwhelming as it may seem. All you have to do this is to establish the best, most efficient route from one point, the rain barrel to point B in her garden. Like his old math teacher used to say "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line." Trying to define the line more line between points A and B, if possible. This will minimize the number of elbows and tees to bring its water system of PVC together.

Step 2 – Once defined the best way, the map and measure the route you want your system to take delivery of PVC. Buy the materials in your local garden store or home improvement. Note to buy a few extra tees and elbows, as is sometimes the tube may have to be re-routed differently because some of the obstacles in your yard.

Step 3 — Start building your delivery system by placing PVC pipes, tees and elbows together. Once everything is in the use of place, connect a garden hose at first to try it. Because the pressure of the rain barrel will not be high, it is recommended to maintain the pressure in the hose rather low. If you have reached the result desired, and return through glue with PVC cement. Connect the first rain barrel to your tap and test the system from beginning to end.

In summary, a system water supply of PVC can be a fairly straightforward task to design and put together. Once in place, the rain barrel will become the main source of water and feed to your garden with liquid refreshment is needed in the dry hot night.

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