Bottle Makeup

Bottle Makeup

If a Halloween costume Gangster is his choice of this year, my tips below will help you better understand the gangster suit right for you.

1. Study of past events

Why does this concern you? Before deciding how to decorate your gangster costume, you must have knowledge of the story when the character was born, an idea and make it Elite Costume Adult Gangster as realistic as possible. Gangsters were known in 1920 and 1930 in the United States. They were a criminal organization that sold illegal goods at the time. The union located primarily in Chicago and New York. Her dress was the most popular cities. Some famous people involved Bugsy Malone and Al Capone.

2. Gangsters Clothing

The pinstripe suit is best for gangster figure. You must choose a pinstripe suit, which has two layers of breast and dark colors or ash. Collect the fittest man to his body. Striped pants for men, women fit pinstriped skirts adjusted. Then, select a matching tie to be made from soft tissues. Leather shoes ideal for working men, high heels are for women. Finally, finishing the Gangster Elite Adult costumes with a black hat or white. You can choose other colors you want, but consider their conformity with the rest of the dress.

3. Facial Hair and Makeup

Gangsters often appeared smooth and shiny. Hair is tight in the back and brilliant. Men ointment can be used to keep it slicked back hair. Women with longer hair can use a little hair to fix it again. Makeup on the face is needed. Draw eyes with black eyeliner impressive, luminous paint lips too.

4. Gangster Costume Elite add-on

Accessories This will create a Complete Adult Gangster Elite. The men put a white handkerchief in the pocket on the chest and wearing a watch chain is gold plated with gold. You also need to use a sword shuffle on his shoulder. As classic gangsters illegally sold wine, so men should carry a bottle of alcohol. About the woman, she can dress like a gangster Moll. The locker room is decorated with luxury jewelry and silk populations high in accompany with a league to carry small firearms.

Finally, they appear in Gangster Costume Elite, you must act like a real gangster classic that is strong, frightening and dangerous. Nobody dares to mess with him. Always be proud its position and it's great to establish a union as a group mafioso mafioso.

Gangster Costume Elite is the best choice for the bold or dare girls this Halloween.

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